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Meet Shari-Beth

Shari-Beth’s vision when founded Core Fitness was to create a private space where women can grow from the inside out.  Living a healthy lifestyle is not just about diet and exercise.  It is about balancing your energy while doing the things in life that promote health, vitality, beauty, strength, confidence and self-respect. Her programs are based on strength conditioning, nutrition, and health coaching.  She has 17 years of experience, working with women that have changed not only their bodies but also their minds by taking one step at a time to feel better about themselves.


As an ovarian cancer survivor she knows that finding your balance in life is not always easy.   “The only thing you can control is you.” By incorporating a routine that makes exercise, eating well and putting yourself first a priority, you will be able to handle any curveball, with strength, confidence and self-love. If you are ready to get stronger on the inside and out contact Shari-Beth now to set your free consultation.


“When life throws you lemons you make lemon water!” 





BS In Marketing, Roger Williams College




1999 Personal Training Certification (ACE)

2005 Life Coaching Certification (Coach Training Alliance)

2005 Meditation Certification

2008 TRX Certification

2010 GTS Gravity Certification

2010 Holistic Health and Nutrition Certification 

  (Institute for Integrative Nutrition)

2010 Board Certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners




Core Fitness, Newsletter (monthly since 2005)




meet shab
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